Zlatni rat is one of the most searched locations on Google Street View


Zlatni rat is one of the most searched locations on Google Street View
Since 2007 when Google published the first Street View photos, Street View cars equipped with cameras took more than 220 billion photos and covered more than 16 million kilometers. Thanks to the Street View service, users have had the opportunity to explore numerous cities, historical sites and natural beauties around the world, including Croatia. Croatia thus found itself on the list of 100 countries according to the number of visits to the Street View service, taking 43rd place.
When we talk about Croatia, users mostly explored the beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park, a globally famous beach Zlatni rat on the island of Brač and the unique Sea Organ in Zadar.
From Bol Tourist Board they welcomed this placement with great pleasure, happy to be users of this service Bol and saw the Golden Horn as one of the recognizable simsboland Croatia and Croatian tourism. Second place, after Plitvice Lakes National Park, shows that people have recognized bolske beauties, but also all efforts to the Golden Horn and Bol closer to anyone who wants to take a virtual walk Bolom.
Except it's the most recognizable sight Boland one of the most beautiful pebble beaches on the Croatian coast, Zlatni rat is truly a unique beach in the world. It was formed by the deposition of fine golden gravel around the submarine reef, extending like a tongue up to 500 meters into the sea. Under the influence of winds, waves and sea currents, the peak of the Golden Horn is constantly changing its shape, making it different and interesting every time. Its shape depends on the influence of waves and sea currents, so the top of Zlatni rat is slightly bent to the west, slightly to the east, and unfortunately a small pool is sometimes built. Because of all that, they call it a geomorphological miracle and it is protected by law as a significant landscape.
This beach is always different and no wonder what it is Bol the most desirable destination of our coast. The Golden Horn is a unique phenomenon. Scientists explain that it was caused by several factors - erosion from the nearby Vidova gora, and the deposition of shores around the reef caused by sea currents and waves over the years.
According to some chroniclers and historical sources, the original name of the Golden Horn was the Long Horn, that is, as it was called by locals - Rôt. According to some stories, "Golden Horn" was not named because of its color, but because of the rich catch of fish that is Boljanima was the main source of income, in addition to wine production. The Golden Horn - then as it is today - is truly worth its weight in gold.
Zlatni rat is also one of the few Croatian beaches that is sometimes covered in snowflakes. It is a scene that will not be forgotten, and this phenomenon is interesting because Brač is one of the sunniest areas of our beautiful country with almost 2700 hours of sunshine a year.
Great placement that they recorded on Google Street View Bol and the Golden War also encouraged praise from the profession. Domagoj Bebić, associate professor and head of the Department of Strategic Communication at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb, praised the work of the system of tourist boards.
- I think that these are great things that prove good and quality work, especially by example Bol. I would remind you that Bol winner of several global communication awards, which we should be proud of. We are constantly listening to examples of good practices from tourism, from the world, and we are constantly talking about it as an ideal that we cannot reach. But the truth is completely different: Croatia is a communication leader in many categories in the field of tourism in the world. For those who think that Croatia is falling behind, that is, that it has not done enough in the field of communication, this should serve as evidence to the contrary, but not in the sense that something is being proven to someone, but that we are all working together, he said.
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