Bol – a special part of the world


Bol – a special part of the world
Fall in love with Bol and Brač is not difficult at all.
Bol je the oldest coastal settlement in Brač, and stretches along the very edge of the sea for several kilometers in the central part of the southern side of the island, at the bottom Bolske krune and Vidova gora - the island's highest elevation and at the same time the highest peak of all the Adriatic islands.
The sea in front of him is extremely clear, and the transparent waves seem like polished crystal. To the west of the town, it enters the sea Zlatni rat beach – is one of the largest and most beautiful natural attractions of the Adriatic. Like a tongue, it extends almost half a kilometer into the blue sea, and grows by the application and deposition of small gravel pebbles around the submarine reef, and its top changes its shape, adapting to the rhythm of the waves and sea currents.
From the opposite, eastern side of Bol in solemn peace it rises Dominican monastery, and the very core of the place is formed along the harbor. There are a baroque summer house, a lodge with a small church, a Renaissance-baroque palace with an art gallery, a parish church, a square and a castle, surrounded by complexes of houses of original folk architecture that form a harmonious whole that invites you to explore it in more detail.
Take my word for it - this is a special part of the world, the Canadian blogger and YouTuber said about Brač Christian LeBlanc, who goes by the name Lost LeBlanc on social media, and posted a video titled "You must seriously travel to Croatia".
Bol on Brač is an exceptional locality, and its coast with many corners of peace and comfort gives the feeling of a large free space and seems as if it was created for meditation relaxation and for active rest - whatever you want bolis suitable. The scents of medicinal sage and rosemary spread through the sunlit glades, and spectacular hiking and biking trails meander, based on local legends.
Two Bol cycling trails Feel the intoxicating smells of Brač i Brač fairies from myths and legends they are the first in the world Bike Storytelling paths. They have their own stories that are used by the accompanying software they can hear in three languages ​​- Croatian, English and German - and are thus adapted to blind and partially sighted people. These trails are 'something more', on top of the sun and the sea Bol offers its guests and what distinguishes it from other destinations.
– Regarding cyclotourism in Bol: well done! I immediately went to check out the storytelling tracks, as well as some other tracks, and I'm just blown away! Everything is very well marked, both on the trail and in the app. Storytelling trails are very interesting and innovative. Bol is definitely one of the best destination for cycling in Europe, and in technical terms it is the best covered. I noticed that the hotel I stayed at also has a Bike-friendly certificate, which is great. Why don't you advertise more aggressively, like other cycling destinations?, says a recent message written by an Austrian guest To the Tourist Board of the municipality Bol, delighted with the bicycle paths of that time. He compared them to some other cycling destinations in Croatia - to the detriment of the latter - but we won't talk about the names of those places.
The Mediterranean sun and crystal waters of the Adriatic Sea may be a priority for some of our guests when they decide to spend their vacation on the Adriatic coast, but there are more and more people who, in addition to the sun and the sea, are also looking for facilities that offer a more active form of tourism, because guests are increasingly turning to nature, and the ideal way to connect with nature - suitable for all ages and fitness levels - are precisely the hiking and cycling trails.
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