Interstas awards


Interstas awards
On November 12th 2021. 28th International festival of tourism and tourist movie was held.
Bol won two awards; Bol Tourist Board for professional accomplishments and excellence in presentation of tourism, tradition values and culture of Bol. Second one was a special recognition for three movies from the series Our stories from Bol: Vacation homes, Dragons cave and Dominican monastery.
Markito Marinković, director of Bol Tourist Board was awarded special recognition "for exellence in realisation and presentation of Bol tourism".
Event Calendar
23.09.2022. / Friday
08.10.2022. / Saturday
09.10.2022. / Sunday
10.10.2022. / Monday
11.10.2022. / Tuesday
12.10.2022. / Wednesday
13.10.2022. / Thursday
14.10.2022. / Friday
15.10.2022. / Saturday