Croatian islands – COVID-free zones campaign launched


Croatian islands – COVID-free zones campaign launched
Croatia’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports, in cooperation with the Croatian Institute for Public Affairs, has launched the “Croatian islands – COVID-free zones” campaign. 
Tourists will soon have access to special information on the epidemiological situation on Croatian islands, which have a much lower COVID-19 incidence than the counties they are located in, on the website 
The Croatian archipelago is the second largest in the Mediterranean, and consists of 78 islands, 524 islets and 642 rocks and reefs that are particularly attractive to tourists. 
“The importance of our islands for tourism is extremely high, because a quarter of tourist nights in Croatia are realised on the islands, and the stay of tourists on the islands is two days longer than in mainland tourist centres. Also, a third of commercial accommodation is located on the islands and that is why it is important that we have accurate information on the epidemiological situation on all islands, many of which are green zones. In this way, we will provide tourists with a detailed and clear insight into a safe and pleasant stay in Croatia,” said Minister Nikolina Brnjac.
In addition to the epidemiological situation on the islands, tourists will also be able to find the locations of all testing points on the website, as well as information on air, land and sea connections to the islands. 
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