Hiking trails

Hiking trails
769 – Grabice – Pražnica – Gornji Humac – Grabice 
The trail takes us south of Gornji Humac. Starting from the main trunk road, a 6.5 km macadam track goes eastward  passing by the church of St. Mihovil, as well as All Saints Church. Then we cross the main trunk road and continue through Gornji Humac along a 5 km macadam track to Pražnica. We pass Pražnica and continue along the approximately 7.5 km macadam track towards the airport. We then join the main trunk road and return to the starting point, going approximately 3.5 km along the asphalt road.
Trail profile:
Time: 2 hrs, Highest point: 520  m
Length: 24.0 km  Asphalt: 5.5 km, Macadam: 18.5 km 
767 – Bol
The trail takes us from the centre of Bol towards the east and goes past the Dominican friary. After the friary, begins a 5 km long macadam track, which passes through numerous olive groves, with minor ascents and descents. At the end of the track, we turn around and return to Bol along the same path, and from there we go west in the direction of Murvica along the old road, for about 3 km. After coming off the old road, we return to the centre of Bol, passing by the famous Zlatni rat (Golden horn) beach.
Trail profile:
Time: 1.5 hrs, Highest point: 90 m
Length: 19.1 km  Asphalt: 5.6 km, Macadam: 13.5 km 
768 Bol – Vidova gora – Bol 
The trail takes us from the centre of Bol towards the west, along the promenade next to the famous Zlatni rat (Golden horn) beach, along a slightly steep asphalt road, all the way to the village of Murvica, 5 km away. Behind Murvica begins a 5 km long macadam track that passes through vineyards, with minor ascents and descents, and, near the Smrčeva harbour cove, the macadam track climbs steeply as far as the turning for Vela Farska cove, where it turns into an asphalt road, followed by a climb of about 6 km to the Vela Visoka peak. At the Vela Visoka peak, we turn right to the east and follow the 4 km long macadam track to the asphalt road. After turning right (towards the south), there is a 3 km ascent through the pine forest to Vidova gora and the famous viewpoint. Vidova gora is the highest peak on the island of Brač, with an elevation of 778 m, and is also the highest peak of all the Croatian islands. For the descent, we stay on the asphalt road all the way to the place where we initially joined it (3 km). Here we turn right (to the east) on a macadam track about 5 km long that leads us past Duboki dolac and Trolokva to the asphalt road which, after 14 km (mostly downhill), will take us back to Bol.
Time: 4.0 hrs, Highest point: 778 m
Length: 45.9 km  Asphalt: 32.0 km, Macadam: 13.9 km 
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