Bol's "House in the House" tells the story of the resistance of poor farmer Marko


When we say Bol, is probably your first association Zlatni rat. But Bol is not just a beach, sea and sun - this place hides a handful of interesting valuable research.
One of those curiosities is definitely House within a house, a unique protected cultural monument from the XIX. century.
The story goes that the land on which the house was built belonged to a family Vukovic which numbered six brothers — three priests and three naval captains. The captains sailed their sailing ship and traded the entire Mediterranean, and when three sailor brothers married three Spaniards, they decided to build a large house (Paloc) on their land. But there was already a house on that land heavy Mark.
The brothers offered Marko a lot of money to buy it, but Marko did not want to sell his house. The brothers of the then chief were hired Vuzic to help them mediate, but Marko quarreled with the chief and threatened to kill him, and for fear of retaliation he had to flee from Bol to Republic of Dubrovnik.
The Vukovic brothers then began construction around Marko's house, which they later planned to demolish. But when Marko heard this, he returned to Bol and placed explosives under the walls of the palace, but they prevented him from blowing up and forced him to flee again.
The Vukovićs continued construction, raised three floors and only needed to install floors and a roof, so they traveled to Venice. They loaded the ship with timber and headed back to Bol, but on the way back they were caught in a big storm and sank the ship, and no one escaped from the crew. As none of the six brothers had children, the Vuković family died out, and Marko Sila returned to live in his home, known today as the "House in the House", a few years later.
After the peasant Marko died, this unusual object was abandoned.
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