Bol today

Once Bol was an area for wine growers, fishermen and seamen; today it is a spectacular tourist destination. The local people are open and friendly. This favourite Brac settlement has developed a network of state-of-the-art hotels and a variety of accommodation in private houses, apartments and campsites.

Bol today
Restaurants and caffes are complemented by several activity clubs, windsurfing schools, a large tennis centre, various sports grounds, a fitness centre and many other facilities. 
Bol is a favourite destination for excursion boats and yachtsmen; there is a special berth for yachts in the harbour. Bol is an attractive tourist destination with a recognisable cultural identity and local specialities that delight visitors. 
The wider area of Bol is a space with large recreational capacity, with unique cultural-historical, monumental and folklore elements and an original combination of continental and maritime enviroments.
Small Murvica, with its vineyards and beautiful beaches is an idyllic place for Bol tourists. It is famous for its monuments and remains, especially Dragons cave, a miniature church in a cave where carved reliefs and religious figures have been sculpted. 
The Blaca, at the foot of the steep cliffs surrounding the bay, impresses with a monumentally stunning setting in which hermits placed stylish furniture, a piano and a telescope, valuable paintings, a library and a collection of antique weapons and clocks. The monastery has existed for four centuries and today it is a unique cultural monument to the human work and endurance of those who lived an exemplary ecological, inspirational and contemporary life.
The villages of Gornji Humac and Pražnica are in the upper part of the island. They have their own unique atmosphere, specialities and interesting objects.  
Whilst staying in Bol a visit to Videva Gora is a must, providing spectacular views of the island and summer days that enrich life.


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